Schema: Looking beyond keywords to make sure your website gets found.

In the early days of the internet, we just had to add a few keywords to help search engines find our websites. But as the internet has evovled to become more complex and rich, search engine companies have had to find new ways to understand the content on your website. 

"This is where structured data comes in - by giving us a set of tools and standards to help search engines extract these contextual things from web pages. We then have an index not just of the keywords on a page, but the things and facts it contains, too. Smart, huh? Structured data standards give us the tools and standards to highlight the things on a page in a machine-readable way. It's main goal is to define a standard, machine-readable vocabulary that can describe the key things and facts on a page in a way that search engines can understand."

To understand how to include Schema on your website we encourage you to work through the following tutorials at


Even though these tutorials are 5min each, it's a lot of informaiton to digetst at ones! Don't try and do this all in one sitting.

Tutorial 1: Introduction To Structured Data (5min)
Tutorial 2: Introduction To (5min)

Tutorial 3: Introduction To JSON-LD (5min)
Tutorial 4: Knowledge Vaults (5min)

Where to add Schema to your Wix website:


• Remember, when using Schema on your Wix website all your properties will be done in JSON syntax

• All Schema must  be inside script:
<script type="application/ld+json">
// your schema goes here.


How to Use to Create and Add Structured Data to Your Website



Google Tag Manager: The best way to add schema to your website

Schema For Hotels

Google For Food Establishment


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