Romano's Private Chef Experience

Artist and Chef Tony Romano, has been providing St. Thomas island with beauty in both cuisine and canvas for over 25 years. He was owner of the most renowned Italian restaurant on the island for two decades but decided to carve out more time in front of the canvas. Now he offers a private chef dining experience at his home.

Tony Romano

"My sole focus is providing unique, specialized dinners for between 2 – 12 people offering the same attention to detail in service and of course the fresh, flavorful and creative cuisine that has held Romano’s in such high international regard for over 24 years. I can prepare fresh and delicious dinners for my guests in my home/art studio, among works in progress..."

Born in New Jersey, Tony way raised in an artistic Italian family. He pursued art into his college years while working at his uncle's fine dining restaurant. During this time, he expanded his love of creativity and began studying music theory through piano and later taught himself to play the flute, guitar, and tenor saxophone. Shortly after moving to St. Thomas in 1985, he opened Romano's restaurant, which combined his love of music, art, and food.

"In an effort to acquire original artworks to display in my restaurant, I began visiting the Dominican Republic. I traveled there often with the goal of becoming familiar with Dominican art and being in the company of artists. My beautiful surroundings, music and personal experiences suddenly awakened this irresistible desire to paint."

His great sense of humour, fascinating mind, and warm personality make for an incredible experience. Every meal we shared at his table has been marvelous and included thoughtful wine pairings. The dining room table is located on his beautiful deck, overlooking the harbour. It's especially wonderful to have a chance to witness the magical chaos of Tony's art studio, eye completed works, and see his newest masterpieces amid production.


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