One Turkey, 2 People: Let The Challenge Begin

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This year we ended up with a 9.5 kg (21 lb) turkey! Unfortunately, there's no iconic photo of the whole, finished roasted bird. The giant bird was too big for our roasting pan, so we used an aluminum one from the store - which tore halfway through cooking. We had to race to the store, get another pan, transfer everything, and re-foil. In the end, it turned out great, but by the time our turkey was done we were tired and frustrated and in no mood for food photos or social media.

So here's a very pretty stock photo of roasted turkey instead ;)

Roasted Turkey

We're quite excited to take this challenge on and see how many meals we get out of our giant bird. We managed to strip off close to 5 kg (4.884 kg to be exact - aka 10.7 lbs). We're predicting nine to eleven meals for two people.

When we strip the leftover meat, we then separate it into vacuum-sealed freezer bags. We rifle through recipes and decide in advance what we want to use our turkey for, then freeze the amount of turkey needed for each recipe in a bag labeled with the recipe name.

Then we make turkey broth! Our humongous bird yielded 3.8 liters (16 cups) of delicious broth.

We always reserve 5.5 cups of broth for the next turkey roast in a vacuum-sealed bag: • 4 cups for gravy • .5 cup for stuffing

• 1 cup for the bottom of the next edition's roasting pan

How to Eat LeftOver Roasted Turkey
Meals One and Two!

Meal 1 & 2: Traditional Turkey Dinner.

Our first two dinners are back-to-back nights of traditional turkey dinner, with stuffing and mashed potatoes from our garden, drizzled in giblet gravy. This year we had a lovely harvest slaw on the side!

Meal 3: Mango and Basil Turkey Salad

View recipe For sandwiches we freeze about 185g of meat. This is enough to make two generous sandwiches.

This is a classic in our household. The turkey salad is made with mango and ginger aioli, green onion, and fresh basil.

How to Eat Leftover Turkey
Meal 3: Mango Turkey Salad

Meal 4 "Turkey Taco"

The idea was lovely: turn the stuffing into a "taco shell," layer it with mashed maple butternut squash, crispy shredded Brussels sprouts, top with turkey and gravy. This one ended up being an epic kitchen fail! Our "stuffing taco shell" didn't quite work out. We didn't use enough binder, so it just turned into a . . . what shall we call this? Let's go with stuffing hash! LOL