Discovered! The Holy Grail of Chicken Sandwiches!

There are always trends and fads in the foodie world and we’re generally not prone to following them down their respective rabbit holes. But we must admit that one of the most pervasive fads of the past few years has captured our affection - that being the quest for the perfect fried chicken sandwich (are you listening, Popeye’s fans?).

Well, if we may be so bold (and why shouldn’t we be?) we’re here to declare that we’ve found the best fried chicken sammie on the planet. Yes dear friends, our quest - well, everyone’s quest as a matter of fact - has come to an end.

Spicy Habenero Chicken Sandwich

And here's the real show stopper. We feel that we can state with considerable certainty that the best chicken sandwich on the planet - specifically the Spicy Honey Habenero - is found at Beaks Chicken in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Now, before you scoff, consider this. How many Noma (yes, the Copenhagen, four times number one resto in the frigging world Noma) alumni do you know that have committed themselves to perfecting all the elements that go into making a chicken sandwich a thing of culinary wet dreams? Well, we know one: Saskatchewan born and raised Paul Rogers and the owner/chef at Beaks.

The generous (like really, really HUGE) chicken breast is perfectly cooked every time: crispy, juicy - never oily. The sauce is a perfect balance of spicy and sweet, and is complemented by first rate melted cheddar cheese and crispy lettuce - all cradled in a perfectly delicious brioche bun that holds everything together to the very last bite.

Did we mention huge?

This matters, don’t you think? We’re pretty sure we’re not the only people who are frustrated by sandwich bread and buns that disintegrate long before the filling is consumed!

And, added bonus, for dessert (if you have room) Paul makes what are arguably the best yeast doughnuts on the planet as well, though our quest for the definitive winner in that category continues :)

📍1511 - 11th Ave., Regina SK

☎️ 306 522 2325

🍽️ Open For Dine-In and Take-Out







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