Chef Tony's Seafood Restaurant

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In our extensive research of the Richmond BC Dim Sum scene, Chef Tony's Seafood Restaurant kept coming up again and again. Don't let the name fool you; there are plenty of non-seafood items.

Chef Tony's is set up in what we understand to be classic Hong Kong style. (*Note: having never been to Hong Kong we are trusting the words of others on this one) It's a huge, spacious room with big round tables, most occupied by multi-generational Asian families. We particularly enjoyed the giant screens rolling through photos of their many dishes. As two people who often discussed their next meal while eating their current one, getting to watch a bit of food porn while eating was fun.

Fun fact: Chef Tony's had a wall that seemed to take great pride in showing off bottles of "Moutai". While we didn't try any, we have since learned that it's a very popular spirit in China made from sorghum (a flowering plant found in Africa, Asia and Central America).

The Black Truffle Pork and Shrimp Steamed Dumpling

Chef Tony's has some common dim sum dishes on the menu, but these are no better than other restaurants and maybe a little more expensive. Make the visit to Chef Tony's worthwhile by taking the chance on some from their more exciting selections like The Black Truffle Pork and Shrimp Steamed Dumpling. This was a delicious take on a traditional offering.

The Cuttle Fish Ink Har Gow

The Cuttlefish Ink Har Gow made for a beautiful presentation, with gold flakes shimmering brilliantly against deep black. Overall, these tasted exactly like any good quality Har Gow, but if you're looking for that photo worthy dish, this is it!

Pork Belly in Steamed Bun

We saw the old-school Pork Belly in a Steam Bun on the menu and just had to have it. There's nothing fancy about this, but we're a bit addicted to pork belly. The fat was rendered to a buttery texture in a sweet and salty sauce. For us, this is decadent enough to count as dessert!

Chive and Chinese Donut Rice Noodles With Diced Pork

Chive and Chinese Donut Rice Noodles With Diced Pork: We've seen similar dim sum dishes at other restaurants, but this was our first time ordering it. The rice noodle was luxuriously silky, and an excellent contrast to the crunchy Chinese donut. What an enjoyable experience of contrasting textures!

Good broth is an art, and this bowl of chicken soup was just that. Delicate and clean flavours that stand on their own with nice firm noodles.

Coconut Pudding

We're not gonna lie; we ordered the Coconut Pudding because of the little bunny shape. Cuteness aside, these little bundles of joy are a delightful taste treat. Think satiny jello with a bit of sweetness and a subdued coconut flavour. These are a great way to end a meal or to use a palate cleanser.

Address: 4600 No 3 Rd #101, Richmond B.C.



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