Fav Foodies!

Here are all the foodies that fill our life with discovery, community, and vicarious pleasure!

The Pros

Canadian Living

Great Selection of Easy & Healthy Recipes, Home & Garden, Life & Relationships, Health, Style

Food Bloggers Of Canada

Recipes, Restaurants, Weekly Menu Plans, Featured Foodies

Serious Eats

Meticulously tested recipes that really work; in-depth, science-based explanations of cooking techniques that are truly reliable; detailed reviews of cooking equipment; guides to ingredients, dishes, and cuisines; and food-focused essays, investigations, and profiles.

Suresh Doss

Food, Drink and Travel Writer based out of Toronto. Provides amazing food tours!

Sprouce Eats

Recipes, Cocktails, Regional Cuisine, Ingredient Focus, How-Tos, Cookbook Reviews 

Bon Appétit

Recipes, Restaurants, Podcast, Videos 

Restaurants Canada

A national, not-for-profit association. Industry news, resourced and advocacy. Hosts an annual conference. 

Monica Bhide

Recipes, Published Author


Great Articles, Recipes, Culture

Fine Cooking

Recipes and Menus, How To, Ingredient Spotlight, Podcast


Great recipes for food and drinks. Kitchen tips for cooks. Holds annual food blog awards.


Exploring this vast world of spices. Learn about flavour profiles, origins, the regional cuisine influences, substitutes and fixes.

The Bloggers

The Food Ranger

A streetfood obsessed traveler based out of Chengdu China.

No Left Overs

NYC-based food and travel blogger & photographer.


Sally's Baking Addiction

Baking Recipes, Baking Tips, Search by Season and Ingredient

Raised On A Roux

Authentic Louisiana Recipes

Kitchen Konfidence

Recipes, Food Blogger Resources

No Leftovers

Cookies, Recipes, How To, Pantry, Ingredient Profiles, Tools

Baking, Candies, Frozen Treats, Gluten-FreeSavoury

Recipes, Product Reviews, Giveaways

Indian Simmer

Simplified Indian cuisine.

Cotter Crunch

Recipes, Meal Plans, Cookbook, Videos

Sel Et Sucre

Cookies, Recipes, How To, Pantry, Ingredient Profiles, Tools


Recipes, Travel, Products

Jessica Gavin

Cookies, Recipes, How To, Pantry, Ingredient Profiles, Tools

A Canadian Foodie

Lots of recipes, but the best part is her section on Canadian Cuisine!

Rasa Malaysia

Recipes: American, Asian, Instapot

Asian Themed Recipes

Danang Cuisine

Authentic Vietnamese Recipes, Reviews, Travel Tips, and Blog

Yi Reservation

Recipes by Region, Videos, Resources

China Sichuan Food

Recipes, Pantry Guide, Videos, Hot Pot Guide

Just One Cookbook

Recipes, Culture, Travel, Pantry

The Woks Of Life

Recipes, How-Tos, Culture, Travel

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About Culinary Slut

We are not professional chefs; nor are we professional food reviewers or travel writers. We are, however, food and travel obsessed. Food is more than fuel, and we experience it (whether at home or abroad) through a lens polished by our travel experiences. Food is tradition, history, family, celebration. It brings us together, it reflects the world we live in and where we came from. In many ways, food defines communities and our cultures. It can be creative, joyful and comforting. Food is life.   

We come from humble backgrounds and that allows us to appreciate humble noshing; at the same time
, we have achieved some small measure of success that allows us to travel and gives us access to culinary artistry. We both come from cultures where food is central to community and family and is symbolic of friendship.

A quick word about reviews: you will not find negative reviews on Culinary Slut. While we may poke fun at times, it is as much at ourselves for risking food and travel experiences that are a bit "off the wall" (or the beaten path).  That sometimes leads us to experiences that are a bit less-than-perfect (and that's putting it mildly). But, if we don't like something, we just don't post about it. Instead, we’re here to have fun and share our experiences with you in the hopes that you'll find them as fun and wondrous as we do.

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