Food and travel are, of course, essential to who we are.


A big (nay, huge) motivation for our travels is to give ourselves the opportunity to drink in nature's beauty while we hike. Hiking allows us to replenish our soul in the same way that food replenishes our body. Hiking through a forest, across a meadow, or up a mountainside are some of our favourite ways to truly savour life.


Here we'll share with you highlights of what we discover during our adventures; we hope you enjoy, and perhaps our musings will help you seek out and savour your next outdoor experience!



Things to Do


Pukaskwa National Park


Things to Do


Bruce Peninsula

National Park

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Fathom Five National Marine Park

Ontario Wish List




Things to Do

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The West Highland Way:

Magic Of The Way



Scraps & Crumbs

Adventure Companies

Ruck Pack

We have never tried this product, but have read amazing reviews and are eager to try it during the next hiking season.

From the official website: Originally founded by Marine Special Operations Forces in the battlefields of Afghanistan, RuckPack™ is combat nutrition designed to help you stay cool, alert, driven, and physically ready to ramp up when needed. Nootropics are ingredients that provide the brain with the fuel it needs to operate at maximum capacity. They not only boost cognitive functioning, but also support mind-muscle communication and promote agility in the face of fatigue. 

Adventure Companies

world expeditions
World Expeditions

When they say "world" they mean it. You can search adventure options by continent and country.  Expect prices to start at $1,000 and rise to as much as $10,000.

They cater to all tastes: Adventure, Culinary, Families, Arts and Photography,  Cruising and Sailing.  We have never used this company personally, but have run into their tour groups while  exploring Chile.

Adventure Companies

Wilderness First Responder 

If you spend a lot of time out in the wild, being prepared to lend a help in case of an emergency is a great idea.   This is a list of organizations that provide Wilderness First Aid training.

Adventure Companies

NOLS Expedition Planning

This guide for planning a successful trip from short or long, domestic or international, land or water-based, covers how to:

  • Research access to public and private land

  • Create a budget and find additional funding

  • Choose essential gear, with checklists for personal and group gear

  • Plan food and fuel requirements

  • Plan transportation and lodging

  • Learn wilderness risk management best practices