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Scraps and Crumbs


Richmond Chinese
Food Tour

We hit Vancouver to explore the world-renowned Asian food scene and Nightmarket.


Too French

Learning to take orders from a waiter.


Sometimes a review just isn't enough.


Big Lebowski's White Russians

The menu at this Glasgow establishment had us tickled pink!


Dreamy Mocha Cream

The best way to cure an inopportune coffee craving.


Drink Dominos

This video will blow your mind!


Spam Fries

Truly one of the best things we've ever tasted!

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About Culinary Slut

We are not professional chefs, nor are we professional food reviewers. We are, however, food obsessed. Food is more than fuel; it is tradition, history, family, celebration. It brings us together, it reflects the world we live in and where we came from. In many ways, food defines communities and our cultures. It can be creative, joyful and comforting. Food is life.   

We come from humble backgrounds and that allows us to appreciate humble noshing; at the same time
, we have achieved some small measure of success that allows us to travel and gives us access to culinary artistry. We both come from cultures where food is central to community and family and is symbolic of friendship.

You will not find negative reviews on Culinary Slut. While we may poke fun at times, it is as much at ourselves for risking food that we know is not haute cuisine as it is at the food itself.  If we don't like something, we just don't post about it. Instead, we’re here to have fun and share our wonderful experiences with you.

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